Beauty Supply Stores The New Sephora?

April 3, 2010

Hello beautifuls,

I just want to inform you all of your local beauty supply stores. You will find some great inexpensive products for even cheaper than they usually are. NYX for example is a brand that is greatly respected for its great quality and price. It is very inexpensive but when you get it from a beauty supply store, it’s even cheaper. You may get lucky and find an even more variety of good brands. NK and Nicka Cosmetics are great brands also and their products are usually $1 each. So before you head to Sephora or even the drug store, check out your local beauty supply store. If you don’t know where one is at, google search beauty supply store and your zip code and you’ll find one. I hope this helps!



One Response to “Beauty Supply Stores The New Sephora?”

  1. Alex Says:

    great information for “beauty supply stores”
    thanks and keep on posting.

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