Prom Look #1 Soft and Glamourous!

April 15, 2010

Hello beautifuls,

It’s prom season and its right around the corner. I decided to do a series of prom looks for girls who are unsure of what they want to pull off. These videos are going to give you an idea for what type of make-up to go with your dress. This first look is subtle but very gorgeous and very easy! Keep in mind that you will be taking a lot of pictures throughout the night so you want to make sure you use a foundation with a low SPF so you won’t look like a ghost and have that halo around your face. A list products I used and the actual video are below. Also, there are some pictures of dresses I would wear with this look just to give you more of a guide but feel free to do this look with any type of dress.

This look would be great with these types of dresses;

Here’s a list of products used;


E.L.F eyelid primer

Revlon Cream E/S quad NOT JUST NUDES

Warm 88 palette

NYC eyeliner BLACK

NYX Black eyeshadow

Maybelline Colossal masacara




Loreal Feel Naturale Blush MOCHA ROSE


Nicka Lipstick BLUSH

Sephora Brilliant Lip Gloss BRONZED BEAUTY

If you don’t have these exact products I put pictures so you can match the colors to something similar!

I hope you all liked this, there will be a couple more prom inspired looks coming soon so until next time,



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