April 1, 2010

Hello beautifuls,

I have great news! I started on my website today and so far it’s looking pretty good. It will include things like information about my services, before and after photos, events I will be doing, and my contact information. The site should be available to the public in about a week. You all know I’m just starting so there will be a lot more to add as I get more business. For know I just do make-up on my friends and myself. My cousin will be getting married soon so I’ll be doing her wedding make-up and from there, I hope I can get business that way. Also a friend of mines husband just got his business license for Photography and he agreed to do the pictures for my portfolio so I’m super excited and blessed to have wonderful people in my life. I have another tutorial coming soon I’m thinking of a bright green, yellow, and blue eye with a bright lip. I want to do something fun since my first two tutorials were on the more neutral side. Please be patient with me because this is all new to me and I am a full-time student. Once I get the hang of it everything will flow consistently so please keep supporting me and I promise to keep you guys happy!



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