Tip Tuesday!!

March 2, 2010

Hello beautifuls!

Happy Tuesday! First off I want to say I was devastated when I heard about the earthquake that took place in Chile. Over 700 people were killed. I feel so bad that these natural disasters are taking place so frequently. I can’t help but to wonder, are we next? We Americans tend to think we are invincible when it comes to things like that. Perhaps that is why 911 was so devastating for us. I understand we lost many of our people but the way we panicked shows that we are not ready for the unexpected. I continue to pray for those people in Chile, Haiti and for America so that we will not have to be victims of a horrific tragedy. Now, on to the initial reason for writing this blog entry;

Today is Tip Tuesday so I have a tip for you guys. Here it is!

Have you ever noticed how models skin looks so youthful almost “baby-like?” Well here’s their secret;

Models have known for a while how gentle yet effective baby products are and this is why if you spent the day with a model you would probably see them using baby wipes to remove their makeup or baby moisturizer and lotions to keep their skin moist. They also use baby sunscreen and shampoos because they won’t strip the hair of its color and last but not least, baby oils and bath treatments are really good for nourishing the skin. So now that you know their secret, instead of buying Dove or Caress, Jergens or Vaseline lotion, BABY YOUR SKIN and buy baby products (Johnson and Johnson or Huggies products are great).

I hope this helps =]