Double Rainbow Splendor

Hello beautifuls,

I was in the beauty supply store, where I always seem to find great products for very affordable prices, and I came across this palette that contained 10 eye shadows and 2 blushes. Okay so what’s the big deal you might ask? Well, it was ONLY $1.99!!! I was unfamiliar with the brand but for two dollars I was willing to take the risk of trying it out. This e/s and blush palette is by a company called KLEANCOLOR and the specific palette I got was called Double Rainbow Splendor. The shadows are all metallic/shimmer and are extremely pigmented! After using this palette I was so impressed and I suggest every one go out and get one of these palettes. Especially if you are new to make-up and using bright colors, this palette is something you should start off with because it has a nice variety of colors and like I said it is EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!

They do have a website with tons of cool stuff including palettes, however, on the website the palettes are $3.99, I got mines for $1.99 at the beauty supply store so check around before you order it from the website.

The website-

If you aren’t sure where to find a beauty supply store, simply type in Google “beauty supply store near [you area code]” and a list of stores located near you should pop up.

Here’s a look I did using the KLEANCOLOR palette;

I hope this was helpful, feel free to rate and leave comments!