Happy Black History Month!

February 25, 2010

Hello beautifuls!

Since it is black history month and I haven’t really participated in it all, I want to post some little known black history facts….

Thomas L. Jennings (1791 – 1859) was the first African-American to receive a patent in 1821. It was for a dry-cleaning process in 1821. He used the money earned from the patent to purchase relatives out of slavery and support abolitionist causes.

Booker T. Washington (1856 – 1915) was the first African-American to be honored on a U.S. stamp, in 1940.

Alexa Canady became the first female African-American neurosurgeon in the United States. She graduated from medical school in 1975.

Maurice Ashley ( 1966 – ) is the first and only African-American to be crowned International Grand Master of chess in 1999. He opened the Harlem Chess Center in 1999, where he coaches young chess players.

George T. Sampson invented a clothes dryer that used heat from a stove in 1892.

Joseph Winters invented a fire escape ladder in 1878.

Joseph Lee (1849 – 1905) invented a bread-making machine that mixed the ingredients and kneaded the dough in 1895.

Wilma Rudolph (1940 -1994) a record-breaking track star was born the 20th of 22 children, and stricken with polio as a child. She not only overcame polio but broke world records in three Olympic track events and was the first American woman to win three gold medals at the Olympics (1960).

Hope you guys learned something and continue to do research on your own. I got these facts from http://www.biography.com/blackhistory/history/101-facts-firsts.jsp

Happy Black History month =]


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