February 16, 2010

Hello beautifuls!

Feb. 16 is my favorite day of the year because I was born on this day!!! At exactly 6:36pm I turned 19 years old. I was born in Fort Riley, Kansas, random I know but my parents were both in the military at the time. I’m not used to going to school on my bday because usually we are out for Presidents Day so this year since we do have class there’s not much I can do. This weekend I’m going out with my close friends and family to celebrate. Although I am very blessed for another year, today just feels like another day honestly =\. 19 is such an awkward age.. To tell you the truth, I feel the same as I did when I turned 16. I used to imagine what I would be like when I got this old and what I would look like, 19 felt forever away. Now that I am older, I see I haven’t changed at all. Maybe a bit more mature but I’m still the same person. I just can’t wait for the weekend I’m going to make it a really fun one because today was super ordinary (besides all the Facebook birthday comments). I’ll be back to tell you guys how my weekend went. Ttyl!



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