MAC Skin Fisnish Natural dupe

January 27, 2010

Hello Beautifuls!!

I was so happy when I found a foundation that matched my skin perfectly (MAC Studio Sculpt NC50) and the matching powder! The Mac Studio Sculpt foundation I use cost about $30 on its own. The Skin Finish Natural powder is about $25. I thought paying $30 for a foundation was a stretch (but I couldn’t pass it up) so I knew I definately couldn’t afford to buy the $25 powder. I told myself I would come back because I couldn’t see myself spending $55 dollars at the MAC counter for two items. I was in Wal-mart one day looking around the in the cosmetic ailse (like I always do) and came across some loose finishing powder in shades similar to MAC’s finishing powder, Light, Medium, Dark, and Deep. The lady at MAC used Deep on my skin so thats the one I got from Walmart. The brand is called Black Opal and its their Deluxe Finishing Powder the only difference between the two is that the MAC is pressed powder and the Black Opal is loose powder but it works the same. It cost about (sorry for not being exact) $8, I can’t remember but I love it and it matches well with my MAC foundation. I’m super excited I don’t have to pay $25 for the MAC powder.

Product; Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder in Deep

Where I got it; Walmart

Cost; about $8?

Overall; I love this powder, it is a very good alternative to the MAC Skin Finish Powder for a very good price. If you are looking for a good finishing powder, check out Black Opal!!



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