Happy Thursday?

January 14, 2010

I’m in class and I wrote a whole paragraph on my make-up palette I got in the mail but somehow it didn’t save and I don’t have time to write it again so I’ll do it later but anyways.. It’s been all over the news and in newspapers. I’m talking about the horrific earthquake in Haiti. I feel so bad for those people and their land, it’s horrible that had to happen. I normally don’t donate money through television ads because I know a lot of the times it is not legit, but I am going to give money to the relief of these people through the organization CARE. You can simply go to their website www.care.org and donate money.. I urge EVERYONE to give SOMETHING because every bit helps and if you were in that situation you would want someone to help also.. So please keep the families of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers…



One Response to “Happy Thursday?”

  1. dawnboyer Says:

    I like your idea of a ‘signature’ that is especially ‘you!’
    Sometimes the lab computer do ‘burp’ so if you wish to really get a good idea written up, it might be even better to write it up in Word, push it through the spell and grammar checker, then copy and paste it directly to the Blog. This way you’ll have great text and won’t have reader’s distracted by any misspelled words or grammar.

    Good start!

    Dawn Boyer

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